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random collection of lyrics and thoughts etc

dec 19
try to match your smile tooth for tooth
hold your hand a little loose
say there's nothing really new
i don’t lie i just twist the truth
i close my eyes and i count to ten cause i
cuz i saw a world without you in it
if i can think without you
am I better off without you?

dec 18
words without letters
know what I want to say but not how to say it

dec 17
i cant make up my mind
for shit!!!

dec 10
try not to think about the way I can’t stop thinking boutttt...

dec 1
everything looks better from far away

nov 28

nov 21
i wish the thought of losing you
hurt more than it does
cuz i don't really give a fuck

nov 18
its all miserable and magical

nov 17
watch you take your shoes off
wipe off your makeup
silence is so soft
blood to my face
you’re twisting my tongue
i just wanna run
no i’m not worth your love
you’re so real i feel fake
close my eyes so tight now all i see is violet

nov 13
fingers are crossed
one hand on your leg
i pretend for a minute
that I know how to stay
but i’m too scared of falling
so i give less than i should
just know that i’d love you
I’d love you if i could

nov 11
realizing all the pressure comes from myself

nov 10
you said some things you never meant that u thought u did
for a second i was tongue tied twisted like a kid
and i warned u
you spend too much in ur head
i know u never meant to hurt me just so u know u did

nov 3
u come alive in the morning, i'm barely myself
sunrise and it’s pouring i’m cold as hell
u wipe the frost from the window, i wanna keep it on
keep the world at a distance, but its all you want
u said i shouldn’t spend this much time with myself

oct 26
im afraid that balance means trying less

oct 24
it’s like i’m staring at my own damn mirror
oh my god i see you clearer
yeah, everybody says you’re just like me
know the shadows underneath your eyes
could I fix your heart if i fix mine?
cuz baby you’re really just like me

oct 23
miserable and magical!

oct 21
i don't wanna tear you down
but/and i don't wanna build a wall
no i don't wanna play around
i don’t wanna make you small
said you're not the kind to ever doubt
it’s like you never feel at all
i know the tears are coming now
i know/see the way you 
grip your pride
like i hold on to mine
what a shame your wings don’t fly

oct 18
bought a mood ring then you threw it out
platform shoes so you feel tall
aiming at the things you that you can’t hit
bet you make yourself sad for the hell of it
drink ur liquor straight just to prove it
know the way it hurts cuz i do it

oct 13
thought i saw u on the subway
thought i met u in a dream
saw you drift over the highway
thought u came down just for me
and i was lucky just to hold you
fell asleep at your feet
now i tiptoe round your bedroom
tryna find what's left of me

oct 10
u just a reflection of how I already feel!!!

oct 7
feel like i grow up 
in months at a time

oct 3
can’t tell if I’m lonely or tired

sep 27
old bones in my closet
left your ticket in my pocket
makes me wanna take a rocket
ship to somewhere u never been
closed the door i thought i locked it
flood the room turned off the faucet
watch the tape fall off your boxes
brace for impact you’re breaking in

sep 20
fuck fake plants

sep 7
dollar pizza is worth so much more

august 30
it’s hard to Liv in the moment
when u just fuck w the future heavy

august 21
i am very high in a tree house

august 18
when did you get so high above me
got a gold ring a new vocabulary
tied up all your loose ends
i can't even find an edge // now i can't find an edge
it intimidates me
took a plane out just to see you
someone told me thats what lovers do
got too drunk with your friends
started pounding my chest
under my breath said i love u

july 16

july 4
What if I’m actually where I’m supposed to be
i would run out of shit to write about aha

july 3
rain slaps

june 20
if i say too much
i think i'm gonna lose it
everything i love
will be ruined
maybe i’m just superstitious
but i really don’t wanna miss this
hold on tight to dreams
like ground under my feet
is falling i know it is ‘t

june 12
getting everything you want and being like
nevermind i don’t want that

june 8
haven’t felt something
SINCE I SAW U IN MAY since u screamed my name / saw you in may
i smoothed out all my edges
SO I’d be numb to the pain
of turning back too early
leaving u in a hurry
but i couldn’t run away
so keep the blinds open
I WANNA see your face
when i tell u I’ve been broken
and i’m tryna change
jumped into the ocean
cuz i cant stand the cold
it didn’t do a thing

may 17
i get nostalgic when the weather changes
been dreaming strangers with your face and
sometimes i think i can face it
but changing seasons makes me shake and
i want another love like that
the kind too strong lock away it keeps coming back
been tryna get my life on track
cut out all the noise cut ur heart in half